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Configure your individual Drive System in just a few clicks
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Configured drive systems (CTO)

Configured drive systems (CTO) can be quickly customized to fit your requirements via our Altivar Process Configurator.

  • 4 ranges ATV660, ATV680, ATV960, ATV980

  • 90 ... 800 kW @400V

  • 110 ... 900 kW @480V

  • Tested, validated, documented and pre-set parameter


Altivar Process Configurator Features

Easy configuration

Detailed information

Dimension drawings

Save configurations

Easy configuration with multiple options to meet your specific needs.

Click on the button for technical details / illustrations.

Get a view of the outer dimension of your configured drive.

Check your configuration at the summary page and save it as file for later usage.


4 STEPS to get a quote

Step 1 "Select Your Drive"

Easily select a basic drive from the "Selector"

Step 2 "Choose Your Options"

Configure the Drive System by selecting from pre-defined CTO options.

Step 3 "Check & Save"

Check & Save your configuration on the "Summary Tab".

Step 4 "Ask for a quote"

Send an email to your local Schneider Sales Representative or contact our Customer Care Center

Remark: Don't forget to attach the configuration file!

Altivar Process Drive Systems Configurator
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